Welcome to Prospect - a support group for prostate cancer patients, their wives, partners and carers.
Prospect is run by prostate cancer survivors for the benefit of the communities in Bristol and surrounding districts

  • Next: An informal get-together

    Our next members’ meeting at 7pm on Friday, March 4, will be an informal get-together. And on Thursday, April 21, there will be the AGM and a talk by Dr Amit Bahl, who will  give an overview of treatment methods. The meetings are at BAWA, Filton, and include a buffet.

  • Radium-223 decision

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) announced in January its final decision to make radium-223 available on the NHS for men with hormone-resistant prostate cancer that has spread to the bones – but only if they’ve been treated with chemotherapy. See

  • New info for Black men

    One in 4 Black men will get prostate cancer at some point – double the overall risk faced by all UK men. Are you are risk? See

  • Docetaxel breakthrough

    The NHS confirmed in January that the chemotherapy drug docetaxel will be made available to prostate cancer patients as soon as they are diagnosed instead of having to wait until other treatments stop working. See

  • New guidelines for Australian GPs

    New guidelines were introduced for Australian GPs to use to inform men who want to decide about prostate cancer testing. The recommendations have been approved. See

  • Tumours zapped with ‘lightning’

    An emerging treatment for prostate cancer that involves zapping a tumour with more electricity than a bolt of lightning had been reported in Australia. The technology targets only the site of the cancer, destroying that without the structures surrounding it. Urologists in three countries are trialling the technology. See

  • Tiger or pussycat? The problem

    It’s a big problem to tell the difference between slow-growing cancers and aggressive ones. See

  • Obesity might make cancer worse

    Research has revealed clues about how obesity might cause prostate cancers to become more aggressive.  See

  • Exercise theory tested

    A Sheffield Hallam University team is trying to find out if exercise can help stop tumours spreading. It hopes to show exercise is a treatment and should be on the NHS. If the results are promising there will be a full-scale trial. See

  • Enzalutamide gets go-ahead

    NICE announced in December ’15 that enzalutamide will be routinely available in England and Wales, regardless of whether or not a man has previously been treated with docetaxel chemotherapy. They also announced a draft decision not to make abiraterone routinely available without prior chemotherapy. See

  • Test shows promise

    A non-invasive test to determine if a man has prostate cancer or a benign enlargement of the prostate appears promising, according to a new study. See


A friendly and supportive network that aims to:

We have found that knowledge is of great benefit to the patient. It enables him to play an active part in the decision-making process, for example in selecting the best treatment.

We offer a friendly welcome – come and join us

Are you just diagnosed, or do you suspect that you may have prostate cancer? Then for friendly peer support and an introduction to Prospect email prospect.bristol@gmail.com or call the helpline on

0800 035 5302

This site has been compiled by prostate cancer survivors. We do not claim to have specialist knowledge other than that gained by prostate cancer patients during their treatment.

Regional co-ordinator needed

Tackle need a Regional Co-ordinator for Western Counties. The holder acts as a focal point for communications on region-specific topics between the chairman, Roger Wotton, and member groups in the area. See. In addition, he or she will participate in occasional meetings or teleconferences of regional co-ordinators. If any of Prospect’s members would like to volunteer for this rewarding role, they can email roger.wotton@tackleprostate.org All expenses are reimbursed. Tackle’s plans for regional meetings in 2016 will explore specific issues of regional/local interest and Prospect members’ views are welcome on what the preferred theme might be for the workshops.

New research strategy launched

Prostate Cancer UK has launched an ambitious 10-year strategy setting out how it will invest in the most innovative research to create a step change in our knowledge of prostate cancer. See. And we have more research news here.

Swedish test shows promise

Swedish researchers found that a test which involved genetic and protein biomarkers (the S3M) was much better than PSA alone at detecting potentially dangerous prostate cancers. The Swedish results give compelling evidence the S3M risk assessment model can dramatically cut the number of men undergoing unnecessary biopsies, without compromising their safety. But Prostate Cancer UK say it’s going to be important to validate this study in a more diverse population before they can accept that it will work elsewhere. See.

We give illustrated talks

Mike Broxton gives prostate cancer awareness talks to interested groups, including those with learning disabilities. To arrange a talk, contact prospect.bristol@gmail.com or 0800 035 5302.

New secretary volunteers

Chris Millett  volunteered as secretary after an appeal at the 2015 AGM. A successful year was reported and the committee was re-elected. Since then, Fiona Perry has joined the committee.

  • Know your risk

    Prostate Cancer UK has a new infographic and booklets.

    Treatment help

    www.myprostate.eu is now also available in English and prostate cancer patients can exchange information and help each other with treatment decisions.

  • Buddies support ends but…

    The Macmillan Skype Buddy service has closed. But you can still get help or advice from Macmillan by calling 0808 808 0000, Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm, or via their website.

  • Buddies offer home support

    This is a Macmillan service to support adult cancer patients. It offers emotional and practical support in people’s homes for up to 12 weeks across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. Ring 07543 248714 or email bristolbuddies@macmillan.org.uk