Welcome to Prospect - a support group for prostate cancer patients, their wives, partners and carers.
Prospect is run by prostate cancer survivors for the benefit of the communities in Bristol and surrounding districts

  • Next meeting at Penny Brohn lunch

    Our next members’ meeting is at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Pill on Friday, July 3, but we needed to know numbers attending by June 24, for catering. Meet at 12.15pm for a lunch at 12.30pm. Laura Kerby, Penny Brohn Chief Executive, will give us a talk at 2pm on changes at the centre. There will be time for tea and chat later in the centre’s tranquil environment.

  • ‘Striking’ results in trial

    Exciting results released in May could trigger a big change in the treatment for advanced prostate cancer. The “striking” first results from the much-anticipated STAMPEDE trial were announced ahead of the American Society of Cancer Oncology conference. STAMPEDE is the largest prostate cancer clinical trial and was designed to test the effect of giving different treatments for advanced prostate cancer earlier.

  • New secretary volunteers

    At April’s AGM an appeal was made for a new secretary and Chris Millett has volunteered. A successful year was reported and the committee was re-elected at the meeting, at BAWA, Southmead Road, Filton BS34 7RG. An interesting talk was given by Pat Turton, Lead Lecturer for Cancer at the UWE. She told about a project exploring the factors influencing dietary intake and exercise in men on hormone therapy.

  • ‘Breakthrough’

    Bristol University scientists have made a breakthrough in treating prostate cancer. Injections have been tested on mice and could be tested on patients before long. Sebastian Oltean from the university gave us a talk on this in January. He asked members to write to MPs to tell them how amazed we are at how expensive drug research is and urge them to champion allocating more funds for biomedical research.


A friendly and supportive network that aims to:

We have found that knowledge is of great benefit to the patient. It enables him to play an active part in the decision-making process, for example in selecting the best treatment.

We offer a friendly welcome – come and join us

Are you just diagnosed, or do you suspect that you may have prostate cancer? Then for friendly peer support and an introduction to Prospect call or text our helpline on

07585 963535

This site has been compiled by prostate cancer survivors. We do not claim to have specialist knowledge other than that gained by prostate cancer patients during the course of their treatment.

Thanks, Mike

After nearly 8 years on the Prospect committee Mike Ashford has stood down. Chairman Malcolm Gamlin wrote an appreciation of Mike’s work in our newsletter and added “Thank you Mike for all you have done for Prospect and your efforts in raising awareness of prostate cancer.” Mike Broxton has taken over from Mike Ashford as membership secretary.

We give illustrated talks 

Mike Broxton gives prostate cancer awareness talks to interested groups, including those with learning disabilities. To arrange for a talk, contact prospect.bristol@gmail.com or our helpline: 07585 963535.

  • Know your risk

    Prostate Cancer UK has a new infographic and booklets.

    Treatment help

    www.myprostate.eu is now also available in English and prostate cancer patients can exchange information and help each other with treatment decisions.

  • Buddies support

    A NEW emotional support service is being offered to people affected by cancer, called Macmillan Skype Buddy. To use it, you need Skype and an email account. The charity is also looking for volunteers to train as buddies.

  • Macmillan Bristol Buddies

    A new service to support adult cancer patients. It offers emotional and practical support in people’s homes for up to 12 weeks across Bristol. Ring 07543 248714 or email