Recommended UK prostate cancer websites


Those unfamiliar with obtaining information from the World Wide Web should be on guard that the information available can be highly variable in quality.  Dealing with a life-threatening disease means you have to be aware that some sites may be highly misleading and even promote treatments that can be ineffective or even dangerous.

Prospect is a member of the Prostate Cancer Support Federation a group that represents all prostate cancer patient support groups at the national level. PCSF publish a quarterly newsletter Prostate Matters. Download the latest issue here.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Sexual Advice Association

Bladder and Bowel Foundation 

Prostate Cancer Support Federation

Prostate Cancer UK (formerly The Prostate Cancer Charity)

Cancer Research UK  A site for cancer in general with a lot of information

Bristol Haematology & Oncology Centre

NHS Prostate cancer information 

Recommended International Prostate Cancer websites

Us Too International

You Are Not Alone  Patients describe their experiences of the various types of treatment and describe their response to their treatment (Australia/South Africa)


Recommended publications

Dr Scardino, Peter & Kelman, Judith, 2005. The Prostate Book: the complete guide to overcoming prostate cancer, prostate enlargement and prostatitis. Penguin

Knowledge Empowers booklet and DVD link

The prostate Cancer Charity publish Prostate Cancer: a guide for newly diagnosed men also a Tool Kit of fact sheets on different aspects of diagnosis and treatment link

Macmillan Cancer Support publish a series: A Practical Guide to Understanding Cancer with 6 booklets on prostate cancer link

Professor Plant, Jane, 2007. Prostate Cancer: Understand, prevent, and Overcome Prostate Cancer. Virgin Books

Dorso, Michael A., 2006. Seeds of Hope: A physician's personal triumph over prostate cancer. Acorn publishing

Professor Kirby, Roger & Dr Taylor, Claire, 2005. Your guide to prostate
Hodder Arnold

Professor Kirby, Roger, 2006. The Prostate - small gland big problem Prostate Research Campaign UK



Complementary Therapies and Support near Bristol


The Harbour  30 Frogmore Street, Bristol BS1 5NA 

Penny Brohn Cancer Care  Chapel Pill Lane, Pill, Bristol. BS20 0HH 



Information sites


UK Prostate Link (UKPL) is a website that assesses the quality of cancer information and ranks search results. When you search UKPL, you can find all of the information about your topic from all the major websites, with the best quality ones on the top.


UKPL has the support of the Department of Health and the Prostate Cancer Charter for Action and the Steering Group is Chaired by Sarah Porch, Head of Services at The Prostate Cancer Charity. The website is built by people, not automated software, which means information which is promotional or slanted is filtered out.


You get straight to the information you need without having to fight your way through each separate website. UKPL is aimed at both patients and health care professionals. You can view information that has been pre-selected for relevance to particular common queries.

Check out these examples:

  • Information about treatment for prostate cancer: link
  • Information for newly diagnosed men: link
  • Information about new research on using thalidomide to treat advanced prostate cancer: link





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