Welcome to Prospect - a support group for prostate cancer patients, their wives, partners and carers.
Prospect is run by prostate cancer survivors for the benefit of the communities in Bristol and surrounding districts

  • New Bath help group

    Prospect is running an Active Surveillance group at the Macmillan Wellbeing Hub at the new Dyson Cancer Centre at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. It will meet on the last Tuesday of the month, starting May 28. Leaflet here

  • Free help with food/diet

    Struggling with any aspect of eating while going through cancer?  The World Cancer Research Fund Cancer and Nutrition Helpline is now free to call. Can’t find anything to eat that doesn’t make you feel sick? Worried about how different food will interact with your medicine? Or maybe you’ve seen something about cancer and food in the media and want to know if it’s reliable. For help phone 0300 102 2523 or email helpline@wcrf.org And scientists believe they have uncovered a missing link between how eating junk food increases the risk of cancer. More here

  • New hope for advanced patients

    The first patients have been enrolled to take part in a trial of a radioactive isotope used as a treatment for metastatic PCa. This first worldwide trial introduces a promising new therapy for patients who have exhausted all other options in their treatment. More here

  • New screening trial

    Prostate Cancer UK is launching a £42m research programme – the TRANSFORM trial – to find the best way to screen men for PCa, so one day all men at risk are invited for regular tests to find aggressive cancers in time for a cure. More here

  • Delay ‘OK’ and a West first

    Delaying treatment for localised PCa does not increase mortality risk, Bristol trial shows. More here And two Somerset hospitals are using artificial intelligence (AI) to help speed up diagnosing PCa. Somerset NHS Foundation Trust said it is the first in the UK to introduce its AI tool, called Pi, to work alongside its team of radiologists. More here

  • New study for Black men

    A team at UCL London is seeking to understand the unique experiences of Black men with PCa care in the UK. It wants to uncover the reasons behind healthcare inequalities and developing targeted support to improve outcomes. See flyer or this website. And an NHS 10-part series aims to support Black communities to have open conversations about the risk of Black men developing PCa and the importance of getting tested.  See here on YouTube More info for Black men in the wider column on the right.

    • Meetings/speakers

    Coffee mornings are held from 10am-noon at Penny Brohn centre, Pill, on the first Thursday of each month. Meetings are held at the Macmillan Wellbeing Centre at Southmead Hospital every third Tuesday of the month (2-4pm). But be warned that car parking can be difficult. Here’s an update on speakers for BAWA events 7pm: Sept 10 Informal. Nov 11 Speaker – Lucy Simmons (NHS) invited to talk on Focal Therapy. Members are urged to suggest possible organisations where we can try to ‘push’ PSA tests and attract more members. Need a lift to any event? We arrange pick-up points close to a bus stop near you. Email details to prospect.bristol@gmail.com a few days in advance. Lifts will usually be timed to arrive at Penny Brohn at 10am unless the driver agrees to another time. Want details of our group? Email prospect.bristol@gmail.com with your postal address and we will send you an information pack.

  • Cheaper scans

    Cheaper, quicker prostate cancer scans just as accurate ‘and can help more men’. More

  • PCa cases set to double

    Cases of the disease are expected to grow as men live longer, with Britain expected to have a 32 per cent increase. We need to start planning and take action now, says UK expert. More here

  • Stopping cancer cells

    This method forces tumour cells into a sleep-like state, say Dundee University researchers. See here

  • Making hormone therapy work longer

    Researchers find new approaches to hormone therapy to keep it working for longer. More here

  • Cancer language ‘must change’

    Let King Charles’s illness finally change how we speak about cancer: it’s not about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ a ‘war’, writes Simon Jenkins in the Guardian. As someone treated for bowel cancer, he thinks attitudes must change but also the language. Some of it is tactless, some ridiculous. More here

  • New treatment hope

    A German university medical faculty has developed an active substance that might in future represent a new treatment option. Known as KMI169, it targets an enzyme that plays an important role in the development of PCa. More here

  • 13 new test centres

    The government has announced 13 new diagnostic centres, enabling the NHS to perform nearly 750,000 more PCa tests and checks each year, says Prostate Cancer Research (Dec ’23).

  • HIFU starts in West

    RUH Bath is the first hospital in the West to use non-invasive PCa treatment. Newly-diagnosed men in the region who think they may be eligible for the treatment can speak to their clinician about referral. See here

  • Treatment ‘breakthrough’

    Resistance to normal treatment for advanced PCa may be reversed in some men by stopping white blood cells from being “hijacked” and pulled into tumours, say London researchers. More here

  • Diabetes drug finding

    The diabetes drug metformin could prevent the progression of PCa but only for some tumours which are more likely to develop into aggressive cancers. More here

We are a friendly and supportive network that meets at BAWA, Filton (directions below). Meeting details are in the column on the left. You can contact us via the Contact/Join us link above. We also give prostate cancer awareness talks to interested groups, including those with learning disabilities. To arrange a talk, contact prospect.bristol@gmail.com


Officers and committee update

Tim Bond, below, was re-elected chairman of Prospect at the 2023 AGM. Martin Webb, below right, was also re-elected. Other committee members, including welfare officer Hans Brunner, below left, and Jeff Allen, right, were re-elected. Andy Mullett (bottom row middle) is taking over from Paul Williams as Prospect’s treasurer and will represent Prospect at the Tackle conference on April 16 in Birmingham.


Just diagnosed? Our group aims to:

We have found that knowledge is of great benefit to the patient. It enables him to play an active part in the decision-making process, for example in selecting the best treatment See more here. Know the risk factors of PCa.  See here

This site has been compiled by PCa survivors. We don’t claim to have specialist knowledge other than that gained by PCa patients during their treatment.

We offer a friendly welcome – join us

Are you just diagnosed, or do you suspect that you may have prostate cancer? Then for friendly peer support and an introduction to Prospect email prospect.bristol@gmail.com  You can join us via the Contact/Join us link above or by filling in the PDF membership form here

The Prospect members’ 2024 walk around Ashton Court

Having the conversation…

“Manversation” is a campaign to encourage men to speak about prostate cancer, particularly the advanced prostate form. Tackle have collaborated with Orchid, the male cancer charity, and put their name to a video and supporting material on the Manversation website.

Myths debunked and spotting fake cancer news

Cancer myths debunked. See here, also here. And here are tips about cancer myths around food. Also here is a link to info on the causes of cancer

New information for at-risk Black men

One in four black men will get prostate cancer – double the overall risk faced by all UK men. Are you are risk? See here And reducing barriers to screening in Black men with PCa – See more here And genetics might explain black men’s higher risk. See here

Tiger or pussycat? New test found

It’s a big problem to tell the difference between slow-growing cancers and aggressive ones. Now a test that spots dangerous PCa tumours has been developed (Oct ’22). More here

Cancer ‘as unique as fingerprints’

Each person’s cancer is as unique as their fingerprints, said Professor Gillies McKenna, Director of the CRUK/MCR Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology. This created an opportunity for more precise treatment.

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  • Know your risk

    Prostate Cancer UK has a new infographic and booklets.

    Exchange information

    www.myprostate.eu is now also available in English and prostate cancer patients can exchange information and help each other with treatment decisions.

  • Help with treatment choices

    Get enhanced guidance on treatment options, thanks to a checklist developed by researchers (Jun ’17). See. More help here. And why it’s difficult to choose among treatment options (Jul ’17). See. Men with early stage prostate cancer wishing to preserve sexual function while on treatment do not always make the right choices. See

  • Buddies home support update

    This Macmillan service offered support for adult cancer patients in our areas and they have been working on re-starting  face-to-face visits again. The Bristol Buddies service has moved to its national telephone service. Ring 07543 248714 or see this site for support.