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Models help understanding

Adam,Rouilly was delighted to provide male pelvis and genital organ models to Prospect to use at awareness-raising events across the area and in group sessions for men with prostate cancer. The SOOMSO MO17 Median Section of the Male Pelvis, and MO15 Model of the Male Genital Organs effectively demonstrate where the prostate is and its proximity in relation to other organs, such as the bladder, bowel and rectum. The Male Genital Organs model has further detail of the prostate, bladder, seminal vesicle, spermatic cord, inguinal canal and testicles.
The models are helpful both for raising awareness of symptoms to promote early detection and to help men recently diagnosed understand the condition and their treatment options.
Adam,Rouilly Director of Sales and Marketing, Tariq Shahab, and Zachary Weitz, Graphic and Content Creator, visited Prospect members at Penny Brohn to find out how the models are helping support their cause.
Tariq said: “We’ve been providing models and simulators to assist in medical education for over 100 years and we’re always inspired by the many different ways they can be used.
“What the Prospect group is doing is amazing and it was incredibly moving to hear about the important service they are providing to people in such difficult times, as well as the awareness members are raising about prostate cancer.
“We’re really privileged to be able to play a part in that vital work.”
Zachary added: “Our day with Prospect was both inspiring and enlightening, especially hearing the meaningful conversations about cancer treatment that unfolded while the members examined the models.”
Committee member Jeff Allen chose Adam,Rouilly because he recognised the company as a high-quality brand after working with models from its range during his career as a university lecturer in physiology .
Adam,Rouilly has been at the forefront of medical education since 1918, working closely with healthcare professionals, hospitals and universities in the development and supply of medical teaching models to support advances in clinical knowledge and training.


Free help with food/diet

Struggling with any aspect of eating while going through cancer?  The World Cancer Research Fund Cancer and Nutrition Helpline is now free to call. Can’t find anything to eat that doesn’t make you feel sick? Worried about how different food will interact with your medicine? Or maybe you’ve seen something about cancer and food in the media and want to know if it’s reliable. For help phone 0300 102 2523 or email helpline@wcrf.org And scientists believe they have uncovered a missing link between how eating junk food increases the risk of cancer. More here. And a vegetarian diet might help PCa patients. See here

  • New screening trial

Prostate Cancer UK is launching a £42m research programme – the TRANSFORM trial – to find the best way to screen men for PCa, so one day all men at risk are invited for regular tests to find aggressive cancers in time for a cure. More here

Ex-MP on PCa screening

Sir Liam Fox, ex-MP, has written to a Prospect member about PCa and his message is here. And this article says EU screening ‘not fit for purpose’

Making hormone therapy work longer

Researchers find new approaches to hormone therapy to keep it working for longer. More here

Cancer language ‘must change’

Let King Charles’s illness finally change how we speak about cancer: it’s not about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ a ‘war’, writes Simon Jenkins in the Guardian. As someone treated for bowel cancer, he thinks attitudes must change but also the language. Some of it is tactless, some ridiculous. More here

Sex and PCa

How to keep your prostate healthy? Have more sex. See more here

Memorial moved

The PCa memorial has moved to the main concourse at King’s Cross Station, London, and will stay until September 27. To add a name to the memorial see here

Wellbeing hub launched

Prostate Cancer UK have created this wellbeing hub to help support you in looking after your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. More here. And Prostate Cancer Research has more advice on that here

Diabetes drug finding

The diabetes drug metformin could prevent the progression of PCa but only for some tumours which are more likely to develop into aggressive cancers. More here

Missing out on drug

Thousands of English men missing out on abiraterone. See here