• Recommended UK websites, but beware

    Those unfamiliar with obtaining information from the World Wide Web should be on guard that the information available can be highly variable in quality. Dealing with a life-threatening disease means you have to be aware that some sites may be highly misleading and even promote treatments that can be ineffective or even dangerous. For useful sites, download the pdf under the heading Complementary therapies at the top of this Helpful links page on the right.

    Prospect is a member of the National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups (Tackle), which represents all prostate cancer patient support groups nationally. The Federation publishes a quarterly newsletter, Prostate Matters, which is sent to all Prospect members, but you can download the latest version here. The Federation has a national helpline at 0800 035 5302, which will put you in touch with us.

Prostate cancer related help links

Members’ articles on HIFU

Brian Lewis’ aticle is available for download as a pdf from here

David Griffiths’ article in available for download from here

Terry Carter’s article is available for download from here

Free financial help sessions

St Bernard Support helps people affected by life-affecting illnesses such as cancer. There are free help sessions on financial well-being matters every second Tuesday of the month with hourly sessions from 10am to 9pm. Individual one-to-one sessions are also available online or by phone. Anyone needing help should email help@s-b-s.org.uk or phone 0800 772 0723 to book a place and a time. See: https://s-b-s.org.uk/

Help with travel and self-care during treatment

A fact sheet for PCa patients who are thinking about going on holiday or travelling abroad. And on this site there are tips for looking after yourself during treatment.

First aid tips for cancer patients on offer

An article on first aid for cancer patients has been published by Pacific Medical Training (Apr ’18). See here

New website for Wellbeing Centre

There is a new website for the Bristol Macmillan Wellbeing Centre at Southmead Hospital – see here. It has a Useful Links webpage with information about all the other cancer-related organisations they could benefit from (Mar ’18). See here

Complementary therapies and support, Bristol

LIVING WITH AND BEYOND CANCER: A summary of this report with useful services in the Bristol area is available as a pdf. See here. Links to the entries are listed at the end. To support their clients online during the pandemic, Penny Brohn now have a range of group sessions covering all topics from exercise classes, nutrition, treatment support to psychological support and relaxation techniques. They continuously update and add to their self-care resources section on their website and all services are free. Online group sessions can be found here . And their resources are here:

Tips to avoid cancer

Ten tips to cut your risk of developing cancer. See here. And Cancer Research UK explains how cancer starts, grows and spreads. See here

Should I have a PSA test?


Background info on prostate cancer

This site on NHS Choices explains all about the prostate, cancer and the symptoms and how it’s diagnosed. And in April 2017 Prostate Cancer UK updated their pages on advanced prostate cancer – that has spread to other parts of the body. See here

Help for teenagers

A website for teenagers who have a parent with cancer. See here

Free activities from LinkAge/Macmillan

Over 55 and been affected by cancer? Becoming more active can help you feel great and improve your outcomes, reduce symptoms and side effects, and improve your wellbeing.  LinkAge has partnered with Macmillan to support people over 55 affected by cancer to access over 40 fun, social, creative or physical activities for free, across Bristol. But people from surrounding areas are welcomed. For more information ring 0117 353 3042 and ask for Hannah C or Sally

Facebook discussion groups

There are at least three Facebook groups that prostate cancer patients and partners can join to find help and information. One is Prostate Cancer – Awareness and Support, the second is Advanced Prostate cancer chat friendly group men&partners and the other Prostate Cancer Support Group.

How to contact Energise

Interested in physical activity and exercise? For patients with a Bristol GP see here. For patients with a South Glos GP, the Energise service has ended. For those with a North Somerset GP, it’s suggested you contact the Hutton Moor leisure centre and proceed from there.