Next meeting

Zoom talks and ‘cancer treatable’

TWO more Zoom talks/members’ meetings are planned: On October 19 Rachel Skews, CNS Southmead, will talk about erectile dysfunction and the services available in Bristol. On November 17 Timon Colegrove, a member of Oxford PCa Support Group, will talk about his experience of Proton Beam Therapy. He wrote an article on this in Tackle’s Prostate Matters last November. The start time has been pushed back to 7.30pm. EIGHTEEN members were at our first Zoom ‘coffee morning’ on Sept 3.  The next one will be on October 1. Email invites will be sent out. New patients can contact us via Contact us (above) or our Tackle helpline (0800 035 5302).

NEW: Cancer ‘treatable’

Two professors have made a discovery that could turn cancer into a treatable disease and remove the fear from a cancer diagnosis (Sept ’20). See more here

NEW: Referrals hit by Covid

Prostate cancer referrals halved since lockdown as thousands of men put off seeing their GP, the Daily Mail reported. 27,000 fewer men have been referred to a specialist with suspected cases compared with the same period last year, according to analysis of official NHS data by Prostate Cancer UK. Urgent GP referrals for PCa have plunged to their lowest level in 10 years due to the  impact of Covid-19 (Sept ’20). More here

NEW: Check your risk in 30 seconds!

An online 30-second risk checker has been launched which men are encouraged to take –  see here And a Prostate Cancer Research team are using machine learning to develop a new way to classify PCa and separate the “tigers” from the “pussycats” (Sept ’20). More here And a US study demonstrated the highest accuracy to date in recognising and characterising PCa using artificial intelligence (July ’20). More here Also a new blood test for PCa is producing 99% accuracy – the best yet. More here And a new 15-minute ‘game-changing’ test is announced here

Switch may spread cancer

A switch associated with PCas spreading or forming secondary tumors has been found by Belgian scientists. But more research needed to see if it applies to all PCas. Up to 15% of patients have high-risk prostate cancers, potentially leading to significantly increased mortality  (July ’20). See more here

Abiraterone plea heard; deaths up

NICE appeal: Prostate Cancer UK asked NICE to reverse its decision to restrict abiraterone for advanced prostate cancer because it limits options for older men and NICE later agreed to an appeal (Jul ’20). See more here. Deaths from PCa in the UK exceeded 12,000 in 2019 for the first time and it overtook breast cancer as the most common cancer (June ’20). See more here. But the UK death rate from this cancer is expected to fall by nearly 10 per cent in 2020. See more here  And a new type of immune cell which kills most cancers has been discovered by British scientists. More info here  Screening: An expert explained why finding a suitable method is vital but is difficult. See more here