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Retired journalist, ex Fleet Street and managing editor at Home Office, London

Hormone treatment and COVID-19

Hormone treatment might offer some protection from COVID-19, it’s reported. See more here And it can make PCa worse, this study finds.  An online survey aiming to shed more light on the experience of PCa patients on this therapy is being conducted via this link And a London college has developed an online intervention to […]

Chemo swapped for precision drugs

Advanced PCa patients can take enzalutamide or abirerone at home instead of going into hospital for chemotherapy, NHS England says. It will relieve pressure on the NHS. The drugs are smarter, kinder treatments and could extend the lives of many more men, it’s said (May ’20). See more here: And a new treatment is being […]

Killer virus attacks cancer

A genetically modified virus that kills cancer cells and destroys their hiding places has been developed by British scientists. The dual-action virus targets both cancer cells and healthy cells which have been tricked into protecting the cancer from the immune system. The Oxford University study is the first time cancer-associated fibroblasts or CAFs within solid […]

Tracking down tumours

A radical ‘seek and destroy’ treatment could extend the lives of thousands of men with advanced PCa. The approach is described by experts as ‘game changing’ (Jun ’19). See more at

MRI scans to replace PSA?

Hundreds of UK men are trying out a non-invasive MRI scan for PCa to see if it should eventually be offered routinely on the NHS. The scan takes images to check for any abnormal growths. It will take a few years to know if MRI will be better than PSA tests and biopsies at spotting […]

A first for advanced patients

GenesisCare announced that the first UK patients have been treated with Theranostics personalised treatment for advanced prostate cancer outside a clinical trial. This is the first time this treatment has been clinically available in the UK (Jun ’19). More info here. And videos of patients who have had the PSMA therapy and want to share […]

Drugs to attack resistant cancer

The world’s first drugs designed to stop cancer cells becoming resistant to treatment could be available within the next decade, scientists have said (May ’19). More here

Help with treatment – but beware

AN NHS tool is now available – intended for men with non-metastatic PCa who are deciding between conservative and radical management regimes. It is intended only for men with non-metastatic prostate cancer who are deciding between these regimes. It’s recommend that patients use this tool in consultation with their doctor (Apr ’19). See here. You […]

Cancer can be detected much earlier

  The first signs of cancer can appear decades before diagnosis, scientists have found – a discovery that could revolutionise treatment (Feb ’20). See more here. And Public Health England has published a statistical bulletin on survival rates for many types of cancer based on more recent data than previously available. It stressses the importance […]

A Bristol first – and sparing nerves

A Bristol man is the first NHS patient to have a device implanted which can reduce the side effects of radiotherapy by 70% (see more here). And a trial to spare the nerves around the prostate during surgery is being held at Southmead Hospital. if successful, it will reduce the risk of erectile disfunction and […]