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Memorial open again

Names can be added again to the PCa memorial until Dec 10. See here

Help sought with study

Help sought: Gareth McAteer, a trainee clinical psychologist, seeks help from men who have had curative treatment and no longer live with cancer. Replies will be anonymous. Click here to take part:  Any questions email  

Wellbeing hub launched

Prostate Cancer UK have created this wellbeing hub to help support you in looking after your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. More here

Dogs sniff out cancer

Researchers have found that dogs can sniff out cancer. More here    

Trial could save thousands

Introducing TRANSFORM, Prostate Cancer UK’s £42m trial to find a screening programme for PCa. It’s the biggest and most ambitious trial ever, and could save the lives of thousands of men each year. More here

£1,000 raised at celebration

Chairman Tim Bond, Martin Webb and Jeff Allen attended the Paul Maasai (Ayton) memorial dance in Bristol in November. Prospect collected over £1,000 in donations from attendees – such generosity. Two brief presentations were given and many conversations took place, raising awareness of PCa. We offered our condolences to the family and were grateful for […]

New therapy for treatment-resistant PCa

Researchers have discovered the treatment resistance of metastatic castration-resistant PCa can be reversed in some men by stopping white blood cells from being “hijacked” and pulled into tumours. More here

Diabetes drug finding

The diabetes drug metformin could prevent the progression of PCa but only for some tumours which are more likely to develop into aggressive cancers. More here

Delaying treatment OK

Delaying treatment for localised PCa does not increase mortality risk, Bristol trial shows. More here

Water-jet treatment

Water-jet procedure to shrink enlarged prostates will be offered to thousands of men as routine NHS treatment  More here