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Junk food and cancer

Scientists believe they have uncovered a missing link between how eating junk food increases the risk of cancer. More here

Cheaper scans

Cheaper, quicker prostate cancer scans just as accurate ‘and can help more men’. More

PCa cases set to double

Cases of the disease are expected to grow as men live longer, with Britain expected to have a 32 per cent increase. We need to start planning and take action now, says UK expert. More here

Stopping cancer cells

This method forces tumour cells into a sleep-like state, say Dundee University researchers. See here

MP on PCa screening

Sir Liam Fox, MP, has written to a Prospect member about PCa and his message is here. And this article says EU screening ‘not fit for purpose’

Making hormone therapy work longer

Researchers find new approaches to hormone therapy to keep it working for longer. More here

Cancer language ‘must change’

Let King Charles’s illness finally change how we speak about cancer: it’s not about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ a ‘war’, writes Simon Jenkins in the Guardian. As someone treated for bowel cancer, he thinks attitudes must change but also the language. Some of it is tactless, some ridiculous. More here

Veggie diet ‘a help’

A vegetarian diet might help PCa patients. See here

New treatment hope

A German university medical faculty has developed an active substance that might in future represent a new treatment option. Known as KMI169, it targets an enzyme that plays an important role in the development of PCa. More here

13 new test centres

The government has announced 13 new diagnostic centres, enabling the NHS to perform nearly 750,000 more PCa tests and checks each year, says Prostate Cancer Research (Dec ’23).