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Prostate guidance ‘wrong’

Public health messaging around PCa places a misleading focus on urinary symptoms and may be hampering efforts of early detection, scientists have warned. Researchers said there was “no evidence of a causal link between PCa and either prostate size or troublesome urinary symptoms”. But public health guidance regularly promotes this link. Worried about  PCa? Check […]

Iron ‘kills recurring cancer’

Scientists have early evidence that one way to kill recurring cancer cells may be with a lot of iron. More here

‘Cure found’

Scientists discover a new molecule that kills even the deadliest cancer, but no mention of PCa. See more here

Chemists to tackle cancer

People with a worrying cough, problems swallowing or blood in their urine will soon be able to be referred for scans and checks by a pharmacist, rather than by their GP. A new pilot scheme, in England, aims to diagnose more cancers early, when there is a better chance of a cure. The NHS also […]

Bad news about milk

Drinking milk has links to PCa, it’s alleged. More here. But better news about a cancer killer here

Urine bugs ‘a sign of aggressive PCa’

Scientists say they have identified urine bacteria which are linked to aggressive PCa. The discovery might provide new ways to spot and even prevent these dangerous tumours, experts hope. See more And scientists have hypothesised that if they found a way to get zinc into malignant cells that might be helpful. More here

PCa growth discovery

A research team has discovered specific changes in a protein that drive the growth and spread of PCa. See more here

Fast blood test for cancer tested

A new PinPoint blood test being tested could rule out cancer for 500,000 people a year, with the results back from the NHS within just two or three days (Mar ’22). More here

New drug ‘prolongs life’

A breakthrough triple therapy for advanced PCa can give patients years more healthy life and reduces the overall risk of death by a third. The regime involves two standard therapies alongside a powerful new hormone medication, darolutamide (Mar ’22). More here

Gap for Black men closed

A new programme to close the gap for Black men with PCa was announced by Prostate Cancer Research in August ’23. See more here  In partnership with Movember, Prostate Cancer UK is funding a study to help find out why Black men are at higher risk of PCa than other ethnic groups. More here  And […]